iPad 受付システム コードレス電話セット

  • iPad 受付システムiPad 受付システムとコードレス電話で、簡単に受付も含めたビジネスフォンとフリーアクセスのオフィスが実現できます。
  • よくある大手ビジネスフォンのコードレス電話機約10万円/台よりも格安で利用開始可能です。

DECT standard cordless VoIP phone

  • Users can freely move offices and residences and make calls
  • Up to five cordless phones (slave units) can be connected to one base station (main unit)
  • DICT(Dict) standard,WifiDifferent from 2.4 GHz band of use frequency, 1.9 GHz band allows comfortable call without interference
  • DP 720 (handset) is a DECT standard cordless VoIP phone that enables movement within VoIP network such as office, warehouse, shop, residence
  • The DP 720 is used together with DP 750 IP base station for DECT.
  • Up to five DP720s can be used with one base station DP750.

【DP720 Specification】iPad 受付システム コードレス電話

  • DECT standard cordless handset of VoIP phone
  • Used in combination with base station (DP 750)
  • Supports the outdoor maximum length of 300 m and the indoor maximum length of 50 m from the VoIP base station DP 750 for DECT
  • Supports up to 10 SIP accounts on one DP 720
  • High Definition Audio
  • Handset, speakerphone
  • Three-party audio conference support
  • 3.5mm headset terminal
  • DECT authentication and encryption to protect calls and accounts
  • Technical skill certification acquired
  • AC adapter is PSE marked and available in Japan

DECT standard base station

  • The DP 750 (base unit) is a DECT standard base station supporting up to five cordless VoIP phones DP 720
  • Telephone users are free to move offices and residences
  • This DECT standard base station is equipped with three party call, high definition audio, PoE
  • Supports up to 10 SIP accounts and up to 4 simultaneous calls
  • The SIP account shared by all cordless VoIP phones can be changed in real time by the user with seamless integration function

【DP750 Specification】

  • DECT standard cordless VoIP phone DP 720 base station (base unit)
  • Up to 5 units can be used in combination with handset DP 720
  • Up to 10 SIP accounts per system
  • Support outdoor up to 300 meters, indoors up to 50 meters range
  • Three-party audio conference
  • High Definition Audio
  • PoE compatible
  • Various dialer group options
  • Technical certification acquired
  • AC adapter with PSE mark and available for domestic use


iPad 受付システムとコードレス電話セット価格

  • 初期費 18万円⇒ キャンペーン割引 12万円(税別)
    月額料金 12,000円/月(税別)

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