How to setting and use.

“Cloud Reception”

##### Overview #####
The basic function of this application are “Contacts” and “IP telephone ” .
It is a simple function calling from “Contacts” of iPad.
The telephone uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) of global standards.

Initial setting ###

#1. Change the Language on iPad

– Open the Settings app then go to “General”
– Choose “Language & Region” and tap on ‘iPad Language’*
– Select the “English” (or “日本語”.)
* The example below is an English version.

#2. Contacts

The following data of the “Contacts” app is used within this application:
– First Name (Required)
– Phone number (Required)
– Department
– Photo or image
ex.1 (English version)
Last Name : Reymond Reddinton
Phone number : 0368692347
Department : The Blacklist

#3.Initial startup “Cloud Reception”

Authentication for full version
Mail Address:
Password: xxxxxxxxx

#4. Administrator Password Setting

Register the password for setting.
Create a password, and Confirm

#5. SIP registration for phone

Please set 6 values as follows:
– SIP Server
– SIP Server port
– SIP Proxy Server
– SIP Proxy port
– User name
– Password
SIP registration information.
SIP server
SIP server port:5060
SIP proxy server
SIP proxy port:5060

#6. User operation

Easy operation ###
1. Touch the panel.
2. Please select the person you want to call. (ex. Reymond Reddinton)
3. Touch the “CALL”
4. You can talk to the person
5. “CANCEL” and exit

# Example of operation movie.(Japanese version)

#7. Setting & Q&A