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iPad application
"Cloud reception" "Office reception"


"Office reception" initial setting guide

Initial setting guide

First, please make initial setting of iPad or iPhone.

1. Confirm iOS
For the latest iOS, or iOS limited license, please confirm that it is its iOS version.

2. Please set Apple ID.

Complete all Apple ID registration.

3. Please connect the network correctly. Please set from Apple support article below.

"Connect to Wi-Fi on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch"

Please check WiFi or LTE connection after setting. Example: Web access etc.

★ The above setting needs to be completed beforehand. Then proceed with the settings from the following guide.

If setting is difficult, please contact your dealer.

Management operation guide

Please confirm that iPad or iPhone settings and application initial settings are completed.

★ If you have completed the above "Initial setting for office reception", please manage and operate from the following guide.

Network quality test

In cases where the operation is unstable, examples have been reported on wireless networks or Internet connection problems.
Please try if there is a problem.


Please check the setting of iPad, WiFi setting, contact point, SIP setting etc in the following "Frequently Asked Questions" for the unclear point.

If you have any questions please check the following 6 points and contact the dealer for details.

1. iPad model name
2. iOS version
3. Reception application version
4. Network environment used for reception Wifi or 3G / LTE or wired LAN

4.1 WiFi router manufacturer name and model number when WiFi
4.2 Type of carrier and SIM card at 3 G / LTE
4.3 Maker name and model number of LAN adapter and router at wired LAN

5. iPad installation status (position and case)
6. Full version license ID (email address)

For inquiries, please contact your dealer.

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